Legal News

Thank you, Mark, for that kind introduction.  And thank you for your more than 30 years of service in law enforcement.

Monday, at the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, Justice Edgardo Rivera García gave the keynote address to 29 judges from Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Panama and Peru in San Juan, Puerto Rico as part of the Judicial Studies Institute (JSI) training program, a collaborative effort between the Department of Justice and Department of State to build the capacity of the judiciaries of the Western Hemisphere.

On Law Day, we celebrate our Nation’s heritage of liberty, justice, and equality under the law.  This heritage is embodied most powerfully in our Constitution, the longest surviving document of its kind.  The Constitution established a unique structure of government that has ensured to our country the blessings of liberty through law for nearly 229 years.

The United States filed a civil complaint seeking to permanently bar Michael L. Meyer, of Southwest Ranches, Florida, from providing federal tax advice for compensation because Meyer allegedly promotes, organizes, and executes a national charitable giving tax scheme that has cost the United States Treasury more than $35 million.  The complaint alleges that Meyer executes his scheme through three bogus charities that he controls.  The United States also seeks to disgorge the fees that Meyer received from the scheme.

A mother-daughter tax return preparer team in St. Louis, Missouri, prepares false federal income tax returns for their customers, according to a new lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice today. The suit asks the court to permanently bar Cherlynn Harrington, Linda McClendon, and their business Goodlink, LLC d/b/a Goodlink Tax Services from preparing federal income tax returns for others.  The complaint alleges that defendants unlawfully understate their customers’ income tax liabilities and overstate their customers’ refunds.