(NAPSI) - If you have regular conference calls at work, you know how frustrating, time consuming and expensive they can be. It’s a simple concept, yet major teleconferencing services still haven’t been able to fix the outdated aspects that make regular teleconferences so difficult.

Work is about getting things done, and with the state of conference calling today, that isn’t always easy.

UberConference is a complete conference calling solution, compatible with any device, and conference calls can be created instantly or scheduled on the go. With its groundbreaking service, UberConference is transforming teleconferencing, making meetings more simple and more productive for businesses—and ditching the dreaded PIN for good.

“Everyone’s experienced the pain of conference calls, ranging from forgetting ridiculously long PINs to not knowing who’s on a call to noise in the background,” said Craig Walker, CEO and co-founder of UberConference. “With UberConference, callers get an elegant dashboard view of who’s on the call, who’s speaking, and even additional information about people on the call. All easily accessed with the click of a button. We’ve not only simplified teleconferencing—we’ve significantly improved it.”

Never Run Late Again

There is no need to download or install anything to use UberConference. You can even dial in to an HD audio UberConference right from your Chrome browser. Have a conference call scheduled weekly? UberConference will dial out to participants so all they need to do is answer their phone to join.

PIN Numbers Gone For Good

UberConference is the first conference calling solution that doesn’t ever require PIN numbers to access a conference. With UberConference Pro, participants are authenticated based on their caller ID, no matter how they join the call. Never again will you need to memorize a complicated PIN number or password.

Finally, A Price That Makes Sense

At only $10 per month for unlimited minutes, calls and recordings, UberConference saves companies 80 to 90 percent on the money they spend on other teleconferencing services. There are no hidden fees, and local dial-in numbers for over 40 countries are included. UberConference also offers its award-winning free service that does require PINs, but you still get essential features in the visual conference call dashboard.

Simplify Your Calls

UberConference’s dashboard solves the most common problems faced in teleconferencing and makes advanced features so much easier to use than traditional services, which require you to remember things like “push *67 to record.” Callers can see images of the participants, know who is speaking at any given moment, and can quickly see participants’ public social media information. The organizer can also mute an individual noisy caller or add a new participant during the call with the click of a button. Finally, conference calls the way you want them, with UberConference.